Company Overview

Helixa Concept Int’l Ltd is an indigenous company that specialises in the trade and exporting of Nigerian origin agricultural produce. These commodities are of good qualities.
Agriculture is becoming Nigeria future economy and that is why Helixa Concept Int’l Ltd is part of this great journey. We have our exporting licence from Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) which enable us to carry out export operations effectively and adequately outside the shores of Nigeria.
Our products are sourced locally and export include but not limited to Sorghum grain (red and brown), Cashew nuts, Kola nuts, Bitter kola, Sesame seeds, Shearer butter, Garlic, Ginger (dried and fresh), Gum Arabic, Cluster yam, Charcoal. However, whether in season or out of season, we store adequately to serve you as your need arises. Samples of these products can also be demanded for.

Our Team

At Helixa Concept Int’l Ltd, we have highly dedicated and trained workforce who brings about effective response time and adequate delivery.
Quality and prompt response is our watch word. This has helped us throughout our years of operations. Our client are our top most priority. We are dedicated and committed to the success of each operation we undertake.

Our Experience

Our involvement in the export of these products has given us an edge to be prompt and constantly meeting our clients needs with produce in season or out of season with good and adequate storage system and facility. Hence meeting our clients demand welcome all the time
And we promise to continue to remain best and reliable in rendering quality and best produce anywhere you are in the world.